10 things to do in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is a popular Piedmontese ski resort, located in Val Susa and easily accessible from Turin via the motorway. It is a renowned ski resort that offers many things to do in winter, let’s check them out now!

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Discover the best 10 things to do in Bardonecchia:

Skiing, of course!

Obviously, skiing is a must-do in Bardonecchia, the protagonist of the 2006 Turin Olympics. Bardonecchia has: 21 ski lifts and 100km of slopes: 5km black slopes; 18km red slopes, 16km blue slopes and a snowpark. A paradise for any ski and snowboard lover! The ski resort is divided into two areas located on opposite sides. Right near the centre of Bardonecchia there is the main area, typically busier, with ski schools, a nice baby slope and most of the slopes. This area of the ski area is in turn divided into three mini-areas that are Colomion – Les Arnauds – Melezet, here there are 15 ski lifts. The other area is the Jafferau, at 2,700 meters of altitude, easily reachable with a shuttle bus that passes every 20 minutes or so from the ski epicenter of Bardonecchia: the Smith camp.

Ski area of Bardonecchia

Snowshoeing in the woods

In Bardonecchia there are many itineraries for snowshoeing, from the simplest, passable by everyone, even by the youngest pratictioners, to the most complex, suitable for those who are seriously trained. Even if you follow a traced and safe itinerary, remember to be careful: the activity takes place in high mountain places, never leave on your own, communicate your itinerary in advance and respect the rules of common sense and prudence. There are 9 snowshoe trails in Bardonecchia, they are all signposted and most of the trails are located near the ski lifts of Colomion, Melezet and Jafferau, others are in the Bardonecchia Basin and in the nearby Narrow Valley.

Here are our three favourite snowshoe trails:

  • Easy route: n.2 : Melezet – Walk in the Pecetta: it starts from 1.800m in Melezet and it is a pleasant easy walk in the woods with a view of the Narrow Valley. It is a ring-route of about 3 km with a difference in altitude of 100 meters which can be done in about 1h 30 min.
  • Medium route: n.10 : Ponte Madonna delle Grazie – Grange La Rho: it is a pleasant route of about 4 km and 300 meters of altitude difference that in a walk of about 2h will take you to discover the ancient villages of Bardonecchia.
  • Difficult route: n.3 : Frejusia: it starts from the 1,900 metres of the Frejusia cable car in the Jafferau area and it is a 5 km loop route that can be covered in about 2h 30 min.

Snowshoeing in Bardonecchia

Enjoy Piedmontese cuisine

Try the pastries of Pasticceria Ugetti, an institution in Bardonecchia and a true temple of taste. Why not learn how to make sweets thanks to the lessons offered by this historic pastry shop?

For those who love savoury pastries we recommend the mountain pasture Piedmontese cheese (called “toma”) of the Pian delle Stelle refuge.

Visit the Bramafam Fort and the Palazzo delle Feste

If you find a windy day or bad weather, take advantage of a visit to the Fortress of Bramafam, an ancient castle that defended Bardonecchia in ancient times, now used as a museum. The beautiful Palazzo delle Feste is also worth a visit, an Art Nouveau palace, built in 1913 with the aim of providing the city with a permanent structure for shows, events and musical events of all kinds.

Bramafam Fort

Excursions in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is an ideal destination for winter and summer excursions, in particular there are several recommended trekking routes in the surrounding mountains, we list some of the best routes for an excursion: Guglia Rossa, Guglia del Mezzodì, Monte Thabor, Punta Nera, Colle della Rho and Colle del Frejus.

Some of these routes can also be done by mountain bike during the summer. And we remind you that during the summer season the ski slopes are transformed into the Bardonecchia Bikepark, where adrenaline and fun are guaranteed. The two wheels are in fact at home in Val Susa thanks to the passage of the Tour de France on the route between Bardonecchia and Modane.

Another mountain option can only be climbing, practiced in summer on the wall of the militiamen in the Narrow Valley.

Bardonecchia's Landscape

Snowpark of Bardonecchia

All freestyle and snowboard fans, regardless of their riding level, will find in Bardonecchia the chance to have fun in a snowpark with rails and jumps for all tastes! The snowpark in Bardonecchia is located at the Melezet in Selletta at an altitude of 2,200 meters and is the ideal place to do the first tricks in the park! The structure is also suitable for those who have not yet tried snowboarding and want to approach these disciplines for the first time!

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Snowpark of Bardonecchia

Cross-country skiing

The cross-country ski runs of Bardonecchia are located in the splendid amphitheatre of Pian del Colle and in Valle Stretta. At Pian del Colle you will find 4 rings of different length and difficulty that can satisfy both beginners and those who already practice cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skiing in Bardonecchia

Walking in the centre of Bardonecchia

Borgovecchio is the delightful old town of Bardonecchia and the theatre of all the village festivals. On the walls of some of the houses in the historic centre you can admire the ancient sundials. Borgonuovo is the centre of tourist life in Bardonecchia and is the area where you can find shops, , restaurants and other activities. In the centre of Bardonecchia, to satisfy your uncontrollable desire for winter shopping, you will find over 130 shops selling typical products, technical equipment and fashionable clothing. A walk in the central street of the village can be a perfect opportunity for shopping or for some culinary purchases. Not far from the centre is the Tur d’Amun in the Borgovecchio area, which was founded in the 12th century for military functions and then became the residence of the local lords, a piece of history at high altitude that deserves at least a passing look.

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Learn how to carve wood

The Intaglio School of Melezet is a real school of carving that has existed since the early 50s and the lessons that are held, always by experienced craftsmen, are also suitable for beginners. Bardonecchia and the entire Upper Susa Valley boast entire dynasties of sculptors and craftsmen, artists from Melezet di Bardonecchia, active from the 16th to the 18th century.

Ski mountaineering

Always to be practiced under the expert eye of a certified mountain guide, ski mountaineering is probably the oldest practice on the snow. Passing through beautiful snowy woods you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

Ski mountaineering in Bardonecchia


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