10 things to do in Bormio

This year’s winter vacation you want to do it in a new, different place. Possibly a place where there are beautiful slopes, great food, opportunities to relax and try other activities. Listen, don’t you want a bit too much? If the answer is no, you’re reading the right article! In Bormio, in the Stevio National Park, in Valtellina you can find everything you are looking for to make your experience as complete as possible. Let’s see in detail 10 things to do in Bormio and surroundings to spend a wonderful holiday!

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Discover the best 10 things to do in Bormio:

Skiing on the Stelvio slope

Let’s face it, that must be pretty cool! The Stelvio track in Bormio is now firmly established in the World Cup circuit, since 1993 it has been the stage of the men’s Downhill, which in recent years has seen Dominik Paris as the protagonist. Inaugurated in 1982 it has seen many champions of the present and the past triumph, Alberto Tomba, Terminator Herman Maier and the brilliant Bode Miller just to name a few. But the Stelvio slope, in addition to the track par excellence for ski races, is also a slope that attracts amateurs, making it the symbol of the Bormio ski area.

Let’s see how it develops…so you can face it at its best!

The start is located at an altitude of over 2,200 metres above La Rocca. The descent of the Stelvio slope develops on a 3.250 metres track with a difference in altitude of more than 1 km. The start of the track has the steepest gradient of 65%, it is the stretch where the athletes tend to take maximum speed. After the first curves, the La Rocca jump is passed and the area bordered by woods begins, then the Sertorelli gully gives further speed. They follow a small road of 200 metres and then again curves and diagonals until they reach the 1,638 metres of the Ciuk with a plateau followed by the last wall that leads to the 1,245 metres of altitude of the village of Bormio.

Ready to go down the slope? And if you haven’t brought all your equipment with you, thanks to Snowit you can rent skis or snowboards comfortably in Bormio. Ah, don’t forget the ski pass of Bormio! If you want to arrive prepared, book directly online everything you need, you can also take advantage of Snowit discounts!

Ski area map of Bormio

See the World Cup

Obviously the event of the year in Bormio is the World Cup, it could not be otherwise with a spectacular track like the Stelvio. The queen race is the men’s downhill, an unmissable event that usually takes place at the end of December, just after Christmas. The Stelvio is considered one of the most technical and difficult slopes of the white circus and will be the protagonist of the alpine ski races during the Winter Olympics Milano-Cortina scheduled in 2026.

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World Cup Slope in Bormio

Relaxing at the QC Terme in Bormio

Because okay, we’re all excited and sporty, but a moment of rest is a must on vacation. In Bormio there are the Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi, two of the most famous spas in Italy, where you can enjoy a whole day of relaxation. For the thermal baths in Bormio we recommend these two options:

  • The Bagni Vecchi that will take you to the Roman era, a two thousand years long journey through caves and historical springs, where the cult for thermal baths originated. The real gem of this structure is the panoramic swimming pool, an infinity pool that offers a view over the whole valley.
  • The Bagni Nuovi instead are directly part of the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi in Bormio. This center is characterized by four different areas that correspond to four different spa trails. Not to be missed is a stop in the suggestive sauna with its characteristic nineteenth-century coverings.

QC Terme in Bormio

Participate in an Après-ski

After a long day on the snow board or on skis, super tired but happy, the last thing to do before going to sleep is to enjoy a beer with friends, maybe at the Clem Pub or at the Vino4u wine bar. BeWhite is the ideal destination for an après-ski in Bormio that is unforgettable, to be enjoyed at the end of skiing directly on the slopes.

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Dining at high altitude

For a really complete ski holiday you can’t miss a dinner at high altitude, with typical dishes and return to the village on board a snowcat. In Bormio, for example, this experience can be made at the Chalet dei Rododendr, which is comfortably bookable through the Snowit website. This restaurant in Bormio, directly on the slopes, offers traditional Valtellina cuisine. On the menu you can find among the first courses pizzoccheri, malfatti and sciatt, (typical pasta dishes from Valtellina) while among the second courses braised beef, escalopes, invariably accompanied by polenta and porcini mushrooms.

Chalet dei Rododendri in Bormio

Overnight stay at Chalet Levissima

Chalet Levissima 3000 is a dream location, overlooking the Stelvio National Park, a unique structure located at 3,000 meters above sea level in Cima Piazzi. For a very special occasion you could treat yourself to an exclusive night in Bormio and enjoy the mountain in all its essence, it is certainly not cheap, but it will be an incredibly suggestive experience and you can also book it on Airbnb.

Chalet Levissima in Bormio

Freeriding on Monte Vallecetta

The ideal area for freeriders in Bormio is Monte Vallecetta, which is over 3,000 metres above sea level. This valley is an ideal place for off-piste skiing in Valtellina thanks to the abundant snowfall in this area. There are two main itineraries covered by off-piste skiers “La Classica” and “La Croce”, both excellent solutions for those looking for virgin and uncontaminated terrain. The Vallone di Bormio is a fixed stage for lovers of this discipline.

Thanks to Snowit off-piste skiing is within everyone’s reach, whether you want to do it alone or in a group, for a day or for the whole weekend. You can choose directly from the website which type of off-piste skiing to practice: whether alone or in a group, for a day or for the weekend.

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Visit the free spa of Bormio

An alternative to the facilities of QC Terme are the free thermal baths of Bormio, named after Leonardo da Vinci, who testified his visit in some of his works. In the spa there is a natural pool set in the mountains in the Adda basin. Leonardo himself had made an inspection in this area to study the feasibility of a hydraulic work.

Free spa of Bormio

Taste the pizzoccheri

Shame for life for all those who pass through Valtellina and do not taste them. In Bormio pizzoccheri are really the food not to be missed, a must at Gusto Valtellina, which offers this fantastic typical dish cooked to perfection.


Visit the Fraele Valley

In the area around Bormio there are several areas to visit, on the road from Bormio to Livigno there is a pleasant valley, the Fraele Valley where you can see the Fraele Towers, ancient towers that guarded the area and were an observation post to protect themselves from possible enemy invasions.

Continuing along the road, recommended especially in summer, there is a path that leads to the Scale Lake, the homonymous mountain, the Monte delle Scale is a paradise for climbing in Valtellina. Beyond the lake you reach the reservoir of the Cancano dam, which is worth a summer visit.

Fraele Valley


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