10 things to do in Folgaria

Folgaria is a renowned tourist destination in Trentino, frequented both in summer for the presence of numerous routes between alpine lakes and mountain pastures, but especially in winter thanks to a ski area of over 100 km. Folgaria is a destination suitable especially for families thanks to the many activities that satisfy everyone! Well, you tell us, but what can you do in Folgaria during the winter? We have thought of the best 10 things to do in this picturesque village in Trentino.

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Discover the 10 best things to do in Folgaria

Skiing in Folgaria

Between the mountains of Alpe Cimbra there are 100 kilometres of slopes, among which you can find 2 snow parks, 43 blue, 20 red and 4 black slopes. The ski area develops between Folgaria and Lavarone taking the name of Alpe Cimbra, the main access points are those of Fondo Grande and Fondo Piccolo. In Folgaria it is extremely convenient to buy the ski pass through Snowit, so as to avoid queues at the ticket offices and take advantage of many facilitations. In the locality of Passo Coe there is also an area dedicated to cross-country skiing with 15 km of trails.

Folgaria was the scene of the First World War and still preserves several buildings, for this reason it is not to be missed the Skitour dei Forti, an itinerary among the fortresses of the Great War, a destination appreciated by skiers of all levels thanks to its historical charm.

If you need any kind of equipment to organize your day on the snow you can easily rent skis or snowboards in Folgaria online and pick up the equipment booked on Snowit directly from the Punto Sport Folgaria shop!

Ski area of Folgaria

Let yourself be towed by sled dogs

An experience that satisfies lovers of snow, speed but also animals! In fact, in Folgaria you can try an adventurous race on a sled pulled by dogs through the snowy landscapes of Trentino. Dog sledding is not only practiced at the North Pole, on the contrary! This region is one of the most fascinating to try dog sledding, which you will find in Lavarone, not far from Folgaria. For animal lovers, here is an opportunity not to be missed: at Lake Coe Pass it is possible to organize excursions and try your hand at dog sledding with an instructor. This is the discipline of dog sledding, a new and fun way to explore the surrounding nature in perfect harmony with beautiful Husky. This is a very popular activity, so it is advisable to call in advance to book a ride. The Centro Fondo Millegrobbe with the Centro Nazionale is an excellence for the organization of sleddog rides in Italy, thanks to its 60 dogs ready to pull you through gentle slopes and narrow streets in the woods.

Sleddogs in Folgaria

Snowshoeing in Trentino

Another mountain activity par excellence is snowshoeing: in Folgiaria you will have the opportunity to live this experience in an even more suggestive way by night.

A snowshoe hike in Folgaria – special snowshoes – is highly recommended and represents an unforgettable experience in contact with uncontaminated nature. Snowshoeing is not only a sport, but a real adventure within everyone’s reach. To try the wonderful and suggestive night outings with snowshoes, among silent woods in the moonlight, then stopping in the refuges that meet on the way, taking advantage to taste the local cuisine.

Snowshoeing in Folgaria

Organize a family holiday and visit the mountain huts

Folgaria is one of the destinations par excellence if you want to live a nice moment on the snow with your children. If you need the ski equipment you can easily book it online saving up to 25%. But come to us, why do we recommend Folgaria for families?

A characteristic of this resort are the mountain pastures, isolated structures in the mountains of Alpe Cimbra where animal breeding, production of cold cuts and dairy products have always been a strong economic boost, especially before the tourist wave. The malghe of Folgaria and the surrounding area have maintained their characteristics in the respect of tradition, but have decided to open themselves to tourists by organizing guided tours and real authentic experiences thanks to the educational farms that will allow you to produce cheese! The farms in this area are great producers of alpine pasture cheeses, including Vézzena cheese, a semi-hard and semi-cooked cheese, which is produced in periods of alpine pasture that has a very tasty and aromatic taste, due to the very fragrant milk from the production of malga.

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Participate in the events in Folgaria

Folgaria is a place full of events and events throughout the year, some with a sporting character, others linked to cultural and musical events. The events of Folgaria are really for all tastes, you just have to discover them on the official website!

Dining at the Stella d’Italia Refuge

In the magnificent setting of the mountains of Folgaria – Alpe Cimbra, the Rifugio Stella d’Italia offers dinner at high altitude with snowmobile or snowcat transport. A unique experience for everyone, from groups to couples or families with children. Dining in a mountain hut on the ski slopes is a fascinating experience because of its magical atmosphere. The Stella d’Italia hut offers enchanting scenery and delicious cuisine. Start with the Fondo Grande snowcat ready to taste a dinner of typical Trentino products: canederli, tagliatelle with roe deer meat sauce, cheese risotto, polenta, venison and much more. In the evening you can also reach the refuge with snowshoes and skis. If you want to try a new experience, let the Rech family pamper you, who have been running one of the best restaurants in Folgaria for over 30 years.

Stella d'Italia Refuge

Try the food of Trentino

In Trentino you can eat really well, and Folgaria has a remarkable culinary culture. There are many alternatives, taverns, mountain huts, restaurants and mountain huts, all with a common denominator: traditional Trentino dishes. During your holiday in Folgaria you certainly can’t forget to try the dumplings, spatzle, polenta and carne salada. In addition, of course, to the local Vezzena cheese we talked about earlier, ideal if accompanied by a good mountain honey. Even the pastry shop will not disappoint you with the delicious strudel.

Ice skating

Winter sports are not just about skiing. In Folgaria, for example, your children (but also adults) can have fun skating on the 1800 square meters of the ice rink.

Ice skating in Folgaria

Visit Folgaria and surroundings

There are really many things to see in Folgaria, especially for the historical heritage of this town. If you love nature we recommend Lake Coe, ideal for a summer walk, it is an artificial lake designed to ensure the artificial snow of the ski area by feeding snow cannons. Fantastic also the Hofentol waterfall a few minutes from the village of Guardia. If you love history you can visit the area of the forts, which had the function of blocking the access to the plateaus during the First World War, of the 7 original forts has remained the Forte Belvedere in Lavarone, now a museum with an exhibition on the Great War. Also worth a visit is the Thunder Base, active during the Cold War between 1966 and 1977 for military defence.

Folgaria's Landscapes

Try the ice-karts on the track of Lavarone

Did you ever think you could drive a kart on a lake? Well, if your answer is no, think again and feel the thrill of driving a kart on the frozen waters of Lake Lavarone!

If adrenaline is not enough for you, but you want a special experience among the things to do in Folgaria there is also the fat bike. With these bikes you can ride in complete safety on snowy and bumpy paths.

Ice-karts in Lavarone Folgaria


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