10 things to do in Gressoney

At the foot of Monte Rosa, Gressoney is a small alpine village in the Aosta Valley composed of the two municipalities of Gressoney-La-Trinité and Gressoney-Saint-Jean. At more than 1300 meters above sea level, it is the right place for those who love holidays in the mountains! Despite being a municipality of only 800 inhabitants, Gressoney offers a lot to passing tourists. Let’s see in detail 10 things to do in Gressoney and surroundings to spend a wonderful holiday especially during the winter season!

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Discover the best 10 things to do in Gressoney:

Skiing on the slopes of Monterosa Ski

For winter sports lovers, Gressoney offers the magic of Europe’s second highest peak: Monte Rosa. On the border with Piedmont, the Monterosa Ski ski complex offers about 180 km of slopes. Gressoney is in a truly strategic position within Monterosa Ski, as it is located in the central valley of the ski resort and is very well connected to Champoluc by the Bettaforca Pass and to Alagne by the Gabiet lifts. Gressoney is therefore a perfect destination for ski and snowboard lovers thanks to the variety of slopes, which will allow you to never repeat the same route in a day and thanks to the lifts that connect it with the surrounding areas. Monterosa Ski is also known as Freeride Paradise, the ideal destination for jumping into the most extensive and uncontaminated off-piste slopes in the Alps.

Skiing in Gressoney is very comfortable by purchasing a single skipass that can be booked online on Snowit! The online ski pass will allow you to avoid long queues at the cash desk and to go straight down the slope to explore the entire ski area with a single ticket that also includes the lifts of Champoluc and Alagna. For freeride enthusiasts, it’s better to choose the ticket with access to the Passo dei Salati-Indren lift in order to have access also to the off-piste areas of Monterosa, to be reached strictly with appropriate equipment (artva, shovel and probe).

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Ski area of Gressoney

Visit Castel Savoia

A fairytale castle at the foot of the mountain, Castel Savoia awaits you for a visit 5 minutes from Gressoney.  It is a scenic structure in a panoramic position with five towers and a stone structure in neo-medieval style. With its rock garden that enchants both in summer (with its alpine botanical garden) and in winter, you will feel like a Savoy also in a few minutes. This castle was the holiday destination of Queen Margaret until 1925!

Castel Savoia in Gressoney

Skating and hiking on the Alpine lakes

You know that where there is an alpine lake, there is a breathtaking landscape. From Gressoney, hikers can start walking towards Valsesia, the adjacent valley, and meet spectacular lakes, including the Tailly Lakes, on the trail. A great way to refresh your feet in summer. In winter, just a short walk from the village centre is the natural ice rink of Lake Gover, a real ice skating area among pine and fir trees at the foot of Monte Rosa, which in summer turns into a reserve for tourist trout fishing.

Getting to know the Walser culture

Gressoney, like all the villages perched on Monte Rosa, has Walser origins. Walser what? The Walser are a Germanic people who settled in these areas in the 12th-13th centuries, bringing with them culture and typical wooden architectural structures. Even today, the titsch language is still used in the country’s road signs. Seeing is believing, a trip to the Walser Ecomuseum is enough to know the whole history of this ancient territory.


Tasting the Gressoney Toma Slow Food Presidium

We couldn’t help but mention a few food and wine suggestions, especially if it’s cheese. The Gressoney mountain pasture cheese received Slow Food Presidium recognition in 2016: try this mountain cheese! Another typicality are the Aosta Valley hams, including Saint Marcel ham. For those who want to warm up in winter with a soup, try the Valpellinese soup prepared with black bread, cabbage and fontina cheese.

Toma of Gressoney

Let the children play in the Baby Snow Park

Gressoney is a beautiful location suitable for families with children. The snow is a paradise for the little ones, that’s why Gressoney has opened a Baby Snow Park in Gressoney to let children play on a family day in the snow during the winter season.

Discover new animal species at the Alpenfauna Museum

After a visit to the Alpine Fauna Museum, the dahü will have no more secrets for you. The Alps are inhabited by hundreds of mountain animal species, could you list them all? No, ibex and chamois are not the only ones, someone claims to have really seen these legendary animals, between myth and reality!

Alpenfauna Museum in Gressoney

Walking on Lake Gover

We’ve figured it out, there are a lot of alpine lakes in the mountains, but really worth a visit. Lake Gover, just a few minutes from the centre of Gressoney, offers a panoramic view of the Lyskamm peak in summer and an excellent skating rink in winter as we were saying earlier.

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Stop and see the churches in the village

If you are looking for a cultural visit in the mountains, you cannot miss a stop at the churches in the village of Gressoney. Two are the most characteristic and the oldest: the Church of St. John the Baptist and the Church of the Holy Trinity. On the other hand, they are historic churches from the 1500s, you don’t want to miss them!

Take a tour in the Lys Valley

If you have run out of things to do in Gressoney, although we doubt it, don’t miss the surrounding villages in the Lys Valley, two of them Fontainemore and Issime.


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