10 things to do in La Thuile

Are you planning your holidays in Aosta Valley and you still don’t know where to go? Discover with us La Thuile, the mountain town located on one of the historic communication routes between France and Italy which, thanks to its decentralized location, offers great tranquility to tourists who decide to spend their holidays there. Not even to say it, La Thuile is one of the favourite destinations for winter sports lovers. Getting to La Thuile is simple and very convenient as it is only 15 minutes from the motorway exit. Let’s see in detail 10 things to do in and around La Thuile to have a great holiday!

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Discover the best 10 things to do in La Thuile:

Skiing on track 3 Franco Berthod and track number 7

Definitely a must if you decided to ski in La Thuile. Slope 3 Franco Berthod is the steepest slope in Italy and one of the most difficult ski slopes in Italy: for those who love the thrill the advice is to enter the 2 after having run the upper part of the 3, and for the daredevils the slope can be further extended starting from Mount Chaz Dura. It is no coincidence that the slope named in honour of Franco Berthod has been included for the second time in the FIS calendar with two Women’s World Cup races, one combined and one super G which will be held on 29 February and 1 March 2020.  If, on the other hand, you are a little more contemplative and want a relaxing and panoramic skiing then choose the number 7 slope from which you can admire Mont Blanc in all its beauty. Aren’t you curious?

La Thuile is also a family-friendly destination, the Fantaski playground is a great option for children who want to put their skis on for the first time and is located right at the ski school camp at the start of the lifts near La Thuile Ski School. After the day’s skiing, the little ones can also try ice skating on the small ice rink in the village or spend an afternoon at the La Thuile cinema in the Arly hall, which offers the best animated films during the high season.

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Franco Berthod Slope in La Thuile

Skiing in La Rosière during the day

The district of La Thuile, called Espace San Bernardo, is one of the largest in the Aosta Valley with its 152 km of slopes. In fact, it can boast an international connection with La Rosière, a French ski resort. You will be able to ski on both sides of the Alps and experience the experience of reaching France using only your skis! Do you already have the La Thuile skipass? Buy it conveniently online and forget about queues at the cash desk.

Ski area of La Thuile

Dine at Maison Blanche

How about a nice dinner in a mountain hut in La Thuile to taste traditional Aosta Valley dishes and be warmed by local wines? Maison Blanche, a restaurant on the ski slopes of La Thuile, will give you the experience of a dinner in the snow and the thrill of admiring the starry sky at dusk. Book your romantic evening now or with friends! There are many restaurants in La Thuile and they offer quality food, our favourite for dinner in the hut is the Maison Blanche restaurant, but don’t forget all the other restaurants that offer Aosta Valley food. Lo Riondet, for example, is an institution in La Thuile, a chalet on the slopes ideal to end a day of skiing with a nice polenta alla valdostana or tasting pork ribs with mustard. And with the last downhill run a must is the appointment with the apres-ski at the Petit Skieur directly in the village.

Relax at the Pre Saint Didier Thermal Spa

At the foot of Mont Blanc, the spa of Pre Saint Didier is the spa where you have to go at least once in your life (actually even six or seven). In winter they are certainly more evocative, because being immersed in a pool of warm water, surrounded by snow or, if you’re even luckier, with flakes tapping lightly on your head, is not exactly every day. Did you know that they were already appreciated by the Savoy family in 1800? Go and then let us know if they weren’t right…ah, the view of Mont Blanc and the Giant’s tooth alone is worth the price of the ticket!

Pre Saint Didier Thermal Spa

Snowshoeing in the Woods

Snowshoeing is a very old story. We have to go back about 600 years, when hunters used to advance in the snow with circular snowshoes made of wood on their feet. Don’t worry, nowadays there are much more modern ones, so why not rediscover the magic of walking slowly through snowy landscapes? Every day of the season there is an easy evening snowshoe walk in La Thuile, for a short hike in the woods, suitable for young and old.

Snowshoeing in La Thuile

Freeride practice

La Thuile is a paradise for snow lovers. As already mentioned, fantastic slopes, including the famous number 3, the possibility of going on a day trip to La Rosière to make two turns… but that’s not all! If you’re a freeride enthusiast, in Espace San Bernardo you’ll find an un groomed slope just waiting for you: number 27. With powdery snow and beautiful landscapes coming down from Mount Belvedere, this descent can be easily reached by taking the Belvedere chairlift. And then don’t forget to try the freeride slopes that you can reach with the Moulins Express and Mont-Valaisan Express chairlifts in the Mont Valaisan area (French side of the Espace San Bernardo) which take you to the highest point of the ski area at 2,800 metres and offer a spectacular 360° panorama of the Italian and French Alps. In La Thuile you can also heliski on the Rutor glacier, accompanied by Zero Vertigo mountain guides.

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Freeride in La Thuile

Watch the events on the slopes

The “things to do in La Thuile” list of evening events to discover a different side of the mountain cannot be missed. In addition to après-ski, a classic that we recommend you take part in is the inevitable torchlight procession of ski instructors, who every December 30 create the thrillingly bright serpent along slope number 2, to reach the centre of the village. For the little ones, on the same day, also the torchlight procession of the children, who, accompanied by the ski instructors, will descend from the Edelweiss slope. Animation, music and… hot chocolate for everyone!

Snowkiting in La Thuile: free as the wind

Imagine you’re surfing in the snow, feeling light and free! With snowkiting you can! In La Thuile there is an area where the wind never fails and where you can experience the incredible sensations of snowkiting. This is the area of the Little St. Bernard which you can easily reach with the ski lifts in the ski area.  A sail, a pair of skis or a snowboard and you’re done. What are you waiting for?

Snowkiting in La Thuile

Climb the roof of Europe

For those who want to admire the Mont Blanc glacier up close without helicopters and skis… Well, today you can! The Skyway is the new Mont Blanc cable car that will allow you to reach 3500 m for a close look at the majestic mountain range. 360° rotating cabin, three stations along the ascent with entertainment, bars and restaurants.

On Snowit you can book a magnificent hike in the heart of Mont Blanc with the High Mountain Guide taking the Skyway from Courmayeur, only 15 minutes by car from La Thuile and, once you reach an altitude of 3400 m, you will have the chance to cross the glacier with snowshoes surrounded by a suggestive panorama at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Absolutely not to be missed!


Ski mountaineering

Set off with ZeroVertigo guides on a fantastic ski touring trip to La Thuile in the woods. An experience in contact with nature starting from the village or from Pont Serrand, a magnificent village over 1,600 metres above sea level. Your guides will suggest the best route depending on your skiing level.

Ski mountaineering in La Thuile


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