10 things to do in Monte Bondone

In the heart of Trentino, Monte Bondone is a very popular ski resort. Whether you are a skier or not you will certainly find activities to do both on the slopes and in town.

The town is located a few kilometers from Trento and is a destination for many hikers in summer and skiers in winter.

70 hectares of skiable surface, 20 km of wide slopes on which to have fun with your family or friends, modern and advanced ski lifts such as the Montesel 6-seater chairlift and a slope, the “Gran Pista”, which has entered by right among the 100 best ski slopes in the world for its 800 meters of altitude difference.

A destination suitable for those who practice alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, freeriding, but also for those who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the city.

Have you planned or hope to go soon to Monte Bondone? Let’s see together the best 10 things to do in this location!

Discover 10 things to do in Monte Bondone:

Monte Bondone Snowpark

Considered one of the best snowparks in the Alps, the Monte Bondone snowpark consists of about 30 snow and artificial structures for every level. Destination of many snowboarders and freestylers, it also offers a new FunCross for children who want to approach this discipline and a chill area where you can relax in the solarium, eat something and enjoy some music.


Night Skiing – Happy Snow

Not enough skiing all day long? Monte Bondone meets your needs allowing you to ski at night with Night&Day! Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 20.00 to 22.30 you can ski under the stars on the slopes Diagonale Montesel, Cordela, Lavaman, Lavaman variant and on the Snowpark Monte Bondone. But not only skiing! The Night&Day – Happy Snow is flanked by an après ski with music and entertainment for fun lovers.

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Nordic Skiing

For lovers of Nordic skiing, with 36 kilometers of tracks for free technique and classic Monte Bondone offers a wide choice for those who practice this sport. The area of the Tre Cime del Monte Bondone is certainly one of the most beautiful areas where to practice not only cross-country skiing, but also to enjoy a quiet snowshoeing. In February 2021, right here will take place the “Viote Monte Bondone Nordic Ski Marathon”, an international event of Nordic skiing in classic and free technique.


A tour in Trento

Just because Monte Bondone is located a few minutes from Trento, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful city! A tour of the historic center, a little shopping and enjoy its typical cuisine. Trento has a lot to offer and it is really worth spending a day off from skiing to go and discover all of its historical and other beauties.

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A walk along the “Balcony on the Brenta”

“Balcony on the Brenta” is the name given to a pedestrian path, which starts from Vason and arrives at Viote, which is offers a very panoramic view on the Brenta Dolomites. The walk arrives at the Three Peaks of Monte Bondone “guarded” by the “Bear of Viote”, a hay structure in the shape of a bear made in honor of this animal inhabitant of the Dolomites.


A visit to the MUSE – Trento Science Museum

Not only sport! For lovers of culture and in particular of science, Trento has been home since 2013 to the Muse, the new Science Museum designed by Renzo Piano. The public will experience it firsthand through interactive games at 360 degrees. The Muse touches on different topics, ranging from natural themes to topics of global interest, such as sustainability.


Cima Palon – Trentino at 360°

Reachable by ski or on foot thanks to the convenient chairlift, from Cima Palon you can enjoy a wonderful view over the whole of Trentino: the Brenta Dolomites, the Adamello Group, Trento, up to Marmolada visible on clear days. And while you’re there, stop for a drink and something to eat at the Bar al Sole.


Selfie Point at Piana del Fortino

Are you on the slopes skiing? Why not take a break and take a souvenir photo in the Brenta Dolomites? A wooden frame immortalizes the Cima Tosa, the highest mountain recognizable by its flat profile.

Gran Pista

Right here there is the Gran Pista, a track of 4 km and more than 800 meters of elevation gain that has entered the ranking of the 100 best ski slopes in the world. It has an average slope of 30% and crosses forests and beautiful landscapes of the Brenta Dolomites. It is served by a chairlift that covers 809 meters of elevation gain in 7 minutes, is considered one of the chairlifts with the highest elevation gain in Europe.

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Sunset from Chalet Rocce Rosse

And for the more romantic skiers, the Chalet Rocce Rosse offers excellent traditional dishes accompanied by a breathtaking sunset over the mountains of the Adamello Group.



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