10 things to do in Pila

Today we are going to discover the basin overlooking the town of Aosta, belonging to the municipality of Gressan, which has become a renowned ski resort: we are talking about Pila. Until 1960 it was only a mountain pasture and today it has become a popular tourist destination, both in summer and winter, thanks to an offer able to satisfy every need. If on the navigator of your car you have just inserted “Pila, Aosta” here are 10 things to do in Pila that you cannot miss once you reach your destination!

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Discover the best 10 things to do in Pila:

Skiing “in the sky”

Those who have decided to spend a holiday in Pila certainly do so mainly for the renowned ski resort. Pila Snowland offers, in fact, about 70 km of slopes for all levels, an excellent natural snow system enriched by a complete snowmaking system and a magnificent view of the main peaks of the Aosta Valley, those of Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. Pila extends on a single slope with a beautiful view of Aosta and the whole valley and is a horizontal ski area that can continuously change ski slopes. The ski area is (to say the least) easily accessible, thanks to a comfortable, modern and fast cable car that leaves from Aosta and in less than twenty minutes takes you straight to the slopes. This makes Pila a perfect destination for day skiing as it is connected in 1h and a half by car from Milan. Most skiers choose to park in Aosta and get on the gondola for maximum comfort and convenience. Since there is only one access point from Aosta, it is advisable to equip yourself by purchasing the Pila ski pass online, so as to avoid queues and crowds that could form at the ticket offices and to go straight to the slopes.

Ski area of Pila

For the brave: the Direttissima

If you are an experienced skier and you are also looking for a bit of adrenaline in your downhill runs, the ski resort of Pila offers you a delightful black slope which boasts one of the steepest slopes in Europe: it is known as the Direttissima and it is the Couis slope which is right at the top of one of the highest points of the ski resort of Pila, we are at 2,750 meters. A name a program is said, isn’t it? The choice for lovers of alpine skiing is very varied, in addition to the Couis 1, we recommend La Leissè with the forest slope, the Chamolè walls and the less beaten area of Grimondet on the west side.

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The first Snowpark in Aosta Valley

If you are a snowboarder or skier particularly fond of freestyle, we recommend you to make a jump (in all senses) in the snowpark of Pila, named AREAEFFE. The area is about 600 meters at 2,200 meters above sea level along the entire length of the Grimod slope and there are funboxes, railboxes and ramps for all levels: even if you are a beginner in the discipline you can have fun with your friends and learn safely! The AREAEFFE was the first snowpark in the whole region and was awarded as one of the best in Italy… don’t miss it!

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Snowpark of Pila

Freeride in Pila

If the 70km of groomed piste and snowpark are already a great business card, Pila is not satisfied and has even thought of satisfying freeride lovers. Do you like soft snow, silence, freedom and adventure? Get on the Couis 1 chairlift, take the treadmill and you’re done: now you can get off the famous Platta de Grevon. From an altitude of 2700 metres to Plan de l’Eyve, off-piste and safe. From here, peeking out of the safety nets you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Cogne valley.

Freeride in Pila

What about the children?

What would a holiday be without a fun centre for the little ones? In Pila you can find the Fun Park, located in the basin of Chacard, at the arrival of the cable car from Aosta. Bobsleigh, toboggan, snow tubing with two dedicated slopes on one side and several inflatables on the other: everything young and old need! And always for children who want to approach the practice of alpine skiing, there are many blue spaces where they can take their first steps on the snow with skis or snowboard. There are also many instructors to choose from to learn the right technique and have fun!

Fun Park in Pila

Snowshoes in the basin of Pila

For those who do not ski, but also for those who want to try a new activity, we recommend a walk with snowshoes. Surely suggestive to walk through immaculate terrain surrounded by woods and a magical atmosphere … almost fairytale! With Snowit you can take part in a morning or afternoon hike in the Pila basin in Gressan with destination Alpe Grivel at an altitude of 1910. You start from the arrival station of the Pila gondola lift, equipped with snowshoes and enjoy a walk of about two hours, for an experience that will be, trust me, unforgettable and suitable for everyone!

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Snowshoes in the basin of Pila

Visit Aosta

Pila is still very much alive after the closure of the lifts, with the various après-skis accompanied by music on the slopes. For the more mundane, just below the resort there is always the city of Aosta waiting. The city of Aosta is chosen as a base by many tourists who choose Pila as a destination to ski during the day, but also by many tourists who choose the capital of Aosta for a stay with a touch of history and culture. You can visit the many Roman ruins, such as the Arch of Augustus or the precious Roman Theatre, but also go shopping and eat in a typical restaurant that you will find on the street. In short, for an alternative day and/or evening, Pila is located in a strategic position, being just a few kilometers from the so-called Rome of the Alps.

City of Aosta

Hot air balloon

On your holiday in Pila why miss a balloon flight? Surely a unique emotion to fly over the city of Aosta, Pila and the highest peaks of the Alps such as Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. Choose a sunny day and admire the landscapes from a totally different point of view… unique and breathtaking!

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Hot air balloon in Pila

Valle d’Aosta castles

For lovers of Harry Potter (but not only) we also recommend an alternative day spent admiring the magnificent castles that can still be found in the Aosta Valley. Sarre, Fénis, Verrés… without missing the most famous Fortress of Bard which, in addition to being a great visual spectacle, is a place of exhibitions and shows really interesting. Most of the castles in Valle d’Aosta are of medieval origin, strategic structures for collecting tolls as they are close to border lands and Alpine passes. In the following centuries, most of the structures have been converted into residences.

Valle d'Aosta castles

Events in Pila

Pila and Aosta are characterized by many events on the snow, but also in the city. Outdoor Christmas concerts are recurrent in Pila, as well as the festivities in Piazza Chanoux in Aosta. Moreover, the ski slopes host many events on the snow, events for children and ski races, do not miss the best events in Pila and keep up to date on the official website.


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