10 things to do in the mountains in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Many ski resorts, only one region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in fact, hosts 8 beautiful ski areas, all to discover and ski. The ski resorts of Friuli Venezia Giulia are: Piancavallo, Forni di Sopra, Sauris, Zoncolan, Sappada, Sella Nevea, Kanin and Tarvisio. Discover the best 10 Things to do in the mountains Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

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Discover 10 things to do in the mountains in Friuli-Venezia Giulia:

Skiing with sea view in Piancavallo

North of Pordenone, the Piancavallo plateau is an ideal destination for mountain and sports lovers. An area with 17 km of downhill slopes, ideal also for cross-country skiing, for small snowboarders and with an attraction with guaranteed fun, the Alpine Coaster, a special bobsled track. A ski touring skiers’ paradise and a resort that hosts the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup, in Piancavallo, once you have reached the top, you can admire an unusual and breathtaking panorama: at high altitude skiers will be surprised to find along the slopes several observation points from which it is easy to see the Adriatic Sea and in particular the lagoons of Grado and Marano, more than 100 km away. The peculiarity of Piancavallo, in addition to seeing the sea, is that of being in a particularly sunny spot ideal for those who love to be outdoors. With several trekking routes, mountain bike trails and climbing walls, this place is an ideal destination for spending a mountain holiday in Friuli in the name of sport.

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Skiing across the border in Sella Nevea

The ski pass for the Sella Nevea ski area is unique: a 100-seat cable car takes you from the 1,845 metres of the mountain station to the 2,133 metres of Sella Golovec and then down to Bovec on skis in Slovenian territory. Beyond the panorama, what is most exciting is the incredible feeling of being in a wild land that accompanies you throughout the day.

Skiing on Mount Lussari

In our opinion, Mount Lussari is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it develops around a convent, today the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Lussari, which attracts many tourists, excursionists and faithful. Lussari is part of the ski area of Tarvisio, can be reached only by cable car and has a number of facilities, including restaurants and huts that offer simple and genuine cuisine and where you can stay in an enchanted landscape, truly fairytale. In this area it is possible to ski at night to make the experience on the snow in Friuli even more magical. From the top of Lussari you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the whole Tarvisio basin.

Everyone knows the most famous ones (Gran Risa, Saslong, Stelvio…) but not many people know that the Di Prampero slope in Tarvisio, has been home to many editions of Downhill and SuperG, has a great charm. Isn’t that enough? The Di Prampero – dedicated to an Alpine officer who died in combat in 1941 – boasts excellent artificial lighting and opens to skiing at night every Tuesday and Friday evening.

Skiing on Mount Lussari

Sled dogs and Fusine Lakes

The International School of Dog Sledding and Mushing – the most important in the Julian Alps – is located in Tarvisio. It is possible to venture along the paths of the valley floor pulled by dog sleds and explore the scenic Fusine Lakes joined together by a fascinating route that can also be reached on foot or with snowshoes. The lakes of Fusine are of glacial origin, surrounded by limestone rocks and are among the most beautiful alpine lakes in Italy. Curiosity: in this area there are the lowest temperatures in Italy during the winter season.

Cross-country skiing in Tarvisio

Even beginners can come and ski in the “Arenas Paruzzi” just outside Tarvisio where Gabriella Parruzzi (gold in the 30 km cross-country skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics and winner of the World Cup in 2004) grew up and now has a hotel. Not infrequently, you can meet her in training on the 2.5 km ring dedicated to her.

Cross-country skiing in Tarvisio

Après Ski in Ravascletto-Zoncolan

One of the most fashionable and fun places in Friuli-Venezia Giulia is certainly Monte Zoncolan, where you can breathe in the sparkling vivacity of life of the young Friulians. Forget complicated cocktails, here you can celebrate with beer, local wine, frico and polenta concia. We can’t help but give you a few addresses for your après-ski in Friuli, so we recommend our favourites:

  • Rifugio Tamai: it is an excellent location for a gourmet break on the slopes thanks to its terrace with a 360 degree view from the Austrian Alps to the Julian Alps and its gourmet restaurant. But its large terraces and the kiosk bar become the perfect location for apres-skiing at 1,600 meters above sea level.
  • Baita Goles: is located in the center of the slopes that descend from Zoncolan, an unmissable destination to end the day on the slopes thanks to the outdoor kiosk that can offer an aperitif in company and a pleasant gastronomic break.

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Taste the Friulian cuisine

What’s a muset and brovade? The muset con la brovada is a typical Friulian dish: it is cotechino flavoured with strips of purple turnip left to macerate in the marc and then cooked (like sauerkraut for example). A delicious dish that will leave you with an excellent memory of Friuli. But the Friulian cuisine offers many poor traditional dishes, with strong and inviting tastes. A dish to try absolutely is frico, a dish par excellence of the Friulian tradition and definitely suitable for the winter season: a dish based on cheese of various ages, potatoes and onions. To make you feel even more watery, we also recommend the cjarsons, ravioli with a sweet filling of macaroons, pine nuts and raisins, seasoned with butter and sage; and finally the gubana, a dessert similar to strudel to accompany Friulian grappa!

Skiing on a 7.5 km long slope

Another area worthy of note is Forni di Sopra. Varmost, in Forni di Sopra, is a 7.5 km long track. It starts from an altitude of 2100 meters of Mount Crusicalas and reaches the 930 meters of the valley floor. You can try to go down at once and without stopping, testing your skills and above all your legs. The track is definitely one of the longest slopes in the Italian Alps.

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Relax at the terme of Arta

Situated right in the middle of the mountains, the spa of Arta hosted the poet Giosuè Carducci as early as 1855, who reserved many verses for him over the years. Made of sulphurous water pools in the middle of the woods, these thermal baths are the ideal place to spend a few hours of relaxation after skiing in the Ravascletto-Zoncolan area.

Terme of Arta

Snowshoeing in Friuli

For those who don’t like snowshoeing, it’s always a good idea. You can do it in Ravascletto accompanied by an expert guide who will tell you interesting anecdotes about the First World War. Or in Zoncolan there are some pleasant itineraries for snowshoeing at night. The lakes of Fusine are also a pleasant destination for snowshoeing. In short, for every ski destination in Friuli you can find an itinerary with snowshoes in the enchanted landscape of Carnia and the Julian Alps.

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