Best snowshoe trails

You can’t ski but you love the mountains? No problem, there’s a good alternative. There are spectacular snowshoe trails in the middle of nature, which allow you to admire unspoilt landscapes, walk away from the crowds, and do sports activities at almost no cost.

Snowshoe hikes are suitable for everyone, even the less sporty and children. These marvellous walks allow you to immerse yourself in snow-covered landscapes, go up the valley away from rows and stress, in complete silence, just you, your companions and nature. An absolutely unmissable experience. If you love nature explore a list of the best snowshoe trails that can be easily booked online on Snowit.

Discover the best routes with snowshoes:

Snowshoeing in Aosta Valley in the basin of Pila

Trekking Habitat offers low impact nature experiences while respecting the environment. The aim is to make hiking an opportunity to learn to “read” the territory in all its aspects: observe animals in their natural environment, recognize their tracks and discover the flora and fauna of our mountains. Snowshoe hikes are organized in the Pila basin or in many other areas of the Aosta Valley.

Guided snowshoe hikes can take place in broad daylight or moonlight, the duration can be just a few hours or an entire weekend!

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Snowshoeing in the basin of Pila

Snowshoes in La Thuile in the miners’ village

A snowshoe hike through the woods to reach the old mines of La Thuile. The mountain guides of Zero Vertigo will tell you the history of the environment and the territory by showing you with snowshoes at your feet the miners’ village and the footprints left by the animals on the snow. After the sports day there will be an après-ski in the snowy forest, where you can enjoy a typical hot drink together with the other participants. A unique and magical experience in the heart of nature.

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Snowshoes in La Thuile

Snowshoeing around Aosta

Sirdar means guide, a person with a great mountain experience on his shoulders who knows every trail, valley and plateau, and who with a quiet and safe step guides you through places you would never have imagined. With Sirdar you can enjoy the mountains accompanied by mountain guides, hikers, ski instructors and experienced mountain bikers. Sirdar offers many different experiences that will immerse you completely in the wonderful views of Mont Blanc. Snowshoeing with small gourmet interludes, weekend getaways in the snow with snowshoes on your feet, snowshoeing under the stars and many other exciting activities!

Snowshoeing around Aosta

Snowshoeing in Chiesa Valmalenco towards the Zoia Refuge

The Zoia Refuge offers three types of excursions with snowshoes in addition to specific packages with accommodation, lunch and/or dinner at the refuge. The Classic route starts from the refuge and follows the panoramic path to the mountain pastures of Campagneda and Prabello, at the foot of Pizzo Scalino. The Wild route starts from the Zoia Refuge and reaches Alpe Musella along a path that winds through snowy conifer woods and ice falls. The Dam route starts from the Zoia Refuge, crosses the dam, enters the woods and climbs up through the small village of Campo Moro.

All snowshoe hikes are accompanied by one or more Alpine Guides, safety is always the most important thing in the mountains!

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Snowshoeing in Chiesa Valmalenco

Snowshoeing in the Brenta Dolomites

A snowshoe hike in the Brenta Dolomites, to explore 360 ° beautiful views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A day excursion with snowshoes to discover the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. From the wooded plains of Campo Carlo Magno (mt. 1680), crossing the characteristic alpine pastures of Mondifrà, you reach the CAI SAT Graffer Refuge (mt. 2260). Following an undulating path with breathtaking views, which leads to Malga Fevri, you descend to the village of Madonna di Campiglio.

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Snowshoeing in the Brenta Dolomites


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