Civil liability for damages to persons up to Euro 150,000
Rescue costs on slopes up to 200 euros;
reimbursement of first course medical expenses up to EURO 1000;
skipass reimbursement;
reimbursement of ski equipment rental and ski lessons;




The insurance policy AIG sNOw PROBLEM by SNOWIT is underwritten by AIG Europe SA, General Representative for Italy. The contract, within the limits and under the conditions regulated therein, offers indemnity and benefits in kind in relation to certain consequences (e.g. medical expenses or the need for assisted return) of accidents or collisions occurring during the practice of winter sports. The contract operates exclusively in the event that the piste rescue service intervenes at the scene of the accident.

Always keep your ski pass as proof of purchase of cover.
This document contains only a partial extract from the policy conditions: the full text, which includes limitations and exclusions, as well as obligations to be borne by the insured, is available from the Company, which can be contacted at assicurazione.viaggi@aig.com. Or you can download it at this link.

Download the complete pdf – link


1) Costs of piste rescue – Reimbursement of first aid medical expenses – Ambulance transport to the first aid centre
The Insured, or any person in his presence, must immediately report to the Rescue Service intervening on the slopes to be covered by this insurance, showing all the documents required by the latter in order to carry out the necessary checks. The piste Rescue Service will check at the time of the intervention whether the person involved in the accident and/or injury has a valid ski pass and the insurance, the name of the insured and his identity.

2) Medical return – Driver available to return home
The insured must necessarily contact the AIG Operations Centre on the number:

+39 039 6554 6635


surname and first name of the insured,
number of skipass/SNOWIT cards
nature of the accident or injury,
telephone number where the insured can be contacted for subsequent contact with the Operations Centre.

No benefits will be guaranteed if the insured has not contacted the AIG Operational Assistance Centre, which is the only one authorised to organise the services (no indemnification, reimbursement or alternative benefits as compensation).

3) For all other services
In order to claim compensation, the insured must send a written request with a brief description of the claim, by registered letter with return receipt, no later than 10 days after the occurrence of the claim, to the following address:

AIG Europe SA
General Representation for Italy
Via della Chiusa, 2


Alternatively, the claim may be opened, always respecting the mandatory limit of 10 days from the occurrence of the event, through the website www.sinistriviaggi.it. The website is safe and complies with all applicable privacy regulations.

For those who intend to start the claim through the website, after registering, it will be advisable to fill in the necessary fields as follows:

Under Type of claim, select “medical expenses reimbursement” or “civil liability”.
Under Contract Type select the item “Aig Advisor”.
Under Policy Certificate enter the number IAH0010987.
Fill in the other fields with the required data.
You can request the documentation on the insurance conditions on paper or other durable medium by requesting it by email at assistenza@snowitapp.com.


Download the complete information set – link