Summer skiing in Italy: this is where skiing in summer

When the winter season is draining, all ski enthusiasts wonder how they can hold out for the next 7 months without going to the snow. Spring obliges skiers to look for the last few ski runs in the areas with the most snow and to prepare for a long rest. However, for the most fundamentalists, summer is no excuse to give up their passion, which is why we have prepared this guide. In fact, during the summer the Alps offer some resorts that are suitable for summer skiing thanks to their geographical location and the presence of glaciers. In practice, those who are really convinced (and can afford it) could ski all year round. Ah. remember that sunscreen and sunglasses are essential on the glacier! So here are the places where to practice summer skiing in Italy!

Find out where to ski in Italy during the Summer

Passo dello Stelvio

During the winter the roads and lifts of the Passo dello Stelvio remain closed due to too much snow. Due to the harsh environmental conditions, the local structures have evolved to make the Stelvio Glacier the largest summer skiable area in the Alps. The slopes are suitable for skiers of all levels and all needs, the destination is particularly recommended for beginners who want to improve their technique, thanks to the presence of simple slopes and intermediate levels of difficulty. But in reality this is the terrain for expert skiers, who choose the Stelvio to make some carvata during the summer season. The Stelvio Pass is also the destination of the Italian National Team, which chooses these mountains to allow athletes to train and start their summer preparation for the following winter. Usually the Stelvio is chosen in the first part of the summer, after which the National team moves to South America to train.

The pass offers a cable car up to 3450 meters and about 20 km of slopes, served by various ski lifts. In addition, the historical importance of the place is particularly relevant, as it is considered a prestigious destination by competitive skiers and has seen an institution of Italian skiing founded on its peaks. In fact, the historic Ski School Pirovano was born right on the Pass and still attracts fans from all over Europe, both as students and tourists.

At the Stelvio you might happen to meet some professional skiers from the Italian national team or other European teams, which could make the memory of your holiday unforgettable if you are among the enthusiasts. The Pass is open from June to November, and can be reached from State Road 38 from Bormio.

Summer skiing in Passo dello Stelvio


Also in Cervinia thanks to the high altitude there is the possibility to ski from June to September. In fact, on Plateau Rosà there are 26.5 km of practicable slopes.

In the warmer months you can pass through Cervinia to access the Swiss glacier of Zermatt. Here you can take advantage of the highest slopes in Europe, which reach an altitude of 3900 meters, and a crazy snowpark, where a crew of top skiers trains to entertain the curious with breathtaking acrobatics.

In short, Cervinia is an excellent solution for your summer skiing holiday! Finally, from a logistical point of view, it is good to know that, even if Zermatt is not in Italy, the most convenient access is from our side. Also in Cervinia it will be easy to meet athletes from the national ski teams of different countries, who choose the glacier for their training.

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Summer skiing in Cervinia

Now that you know which are the perfect locations for summer skiing, all you have to do is choose your favourite destination to visit and organize your weekend on the snow, even in August!


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